Time, colors, traces...the unsaid.
Feelings, sensations, words...surpassed by the means of expressing it.
Points of view that collide in joy and surprise.
Maybe for finding out about the unexpected
or simply for perhaps realizing exactly whatever was it one ever wished for.
Wolkenstein is the place where I find peace for my body, heart, mind and soul.
Wolkensteiners are special in their own special way of being. With their warmness, openness, hospitality, brightness and so much more...they showed me the best of what is being a Saxon.
Words won't come...you need to experience it for yourself.
What did I find "Beyond The Clouds"?
A vortex,
a turbulent flow of pure energy,
wonders and good vibes.
In Wolkenstein I found awesome people, extremely good friends
and love in its purest form. Too precious !!
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